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Supplier Verification
I don’t have time to phone all my suppliers for their scorecards!
How much did I spend again?
On whom?
How am I going to track my spending and what will my procurement score be?
Please tell me where I can purchase more wisely?
I now spend time on the things that matter
Emex now takes care of phoning suppliers for their scorecards
I know exactly where I spend and save money
No more unwise expenses for me…
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Upon receipt of your expenditure, you may relax, because we’ll take care of all your worries.
Advantages of our Supplier Verification?

  • We contact your suppliers and ask for their scorecards.
  • Read what your suppliers comments were and how many times we phoned.
  • View your suppliers BEE credentials online.
  • Personnel burdened with the task may now be utilized for productive reasons and no IT expertise, maintenance and support is applicable as Emex takes care of all this for you.
  • All documents are updated in real time and the system will keep track of all expiries.
  • View monthly reports on your expenditure and the impact on your BEE procurement score.
  • With the Emex tools you can ensure that your business receives the optimal BEE rating.
  • With the BEE database at your disposal, your business will be able to find suppliers with suitably high ratings that will enhance your BEE score even more.

Are you required to keep your suppliers documentation up to date?
Information like:

  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Municipality bill
  • BEE Scorecard
  • Business registration documents

If your answer is, “YES” then you need our system!
This is why…

  • We receive and file your supplier documentation
  • The information is scanned and uploaded next to the supplier’s name
  • Detail information is captured to enable you to do detail searches and find fronting practices
  • Tender module to specify what products you require and request quotations
  • Performance module where you can penalise suppliers that does not perform
  • Communication module where you can communicate with all your suppliers
  • Integration module to integrate with your SAP or Management System

You need to focus on your core business, so let us remove the supplier headache and give you time to do just that.
Please contact us for a quote on document management.
Register to be a supplier for:

  • South Africa Reserve Bank
  • North-West University

BEE Options for Retirement Planning Solutions
We have a list of registered BEE compliant Pension Planning services that we make available to corporates needing to use BEE certified partners. As pension fund management for local companies we are able to recommend different providers based on the size of the organisation as well as the different needs and amounts to be invested. If the companies are based outside of South Africa BEE compliance is of lesser importance and, although we do have partners with high levels of expertise in dealing with offshore pensions we merely facilitate the transaction as it does not fall within our scope of business.

What is an Emex BEE Scorecard?

The Emex BEE Scorecard is a verified report on your current status as a BEE contributor according to the latest DTI codes of good practice (released 14 December 2006).
What is BEE (Black Economic Empowerment)?
Black Economic Empowerment is a process of assisting and educating black people to enable them to contribute to the economy. Emex found that most of our clients were already doing that, not to obtain points, but to help and educate their employees! Now you get recognition for that!


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