Financial Literacy – Top 10 Money Tips for Life

Tip #1: Have Financial Goals

Print Our Free Goal Setting Worksheet

In order to get a grasp on where you are at financially, a good place to begin is to get a sense of where you currently are and where you are planning on going in life.

What are your goals? What steps are you taking now in order to reach those goals?

Stage of Life has created a free downloadable goal setting sheet that will get you to start thinking about your financial and life goals. Our free goal worksheet will ask you to explore the ideas of…


  • Reducing your debt
  • Increasing your investments
  • Saving more money
  • Planning for large purchases on the horizon
  • Donating time or money in your community or through philanthropy
  • And more

In addition, our Goal Worksheet will get you thinking about different types of goals in your life, including health & wellness, education, home, community, friends & family, travel, personal and of course your long-term goals. Your first step for expanding your Financial Literacy is to clearly establish these goals!